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Welcome to the International Congress of Voice Teachers

There are many perspectives on singing. It can be viewed from points of education, health, arts, and it serves a wide variety of cultural and social functions. At ICVT 2022 we would like to put the emphasis on singing itself. We want to show our admiration and passion for this artistic form of expression.
The title of this congress "For the Sake of Music" highlights this core idea, which should guide all planning, realization and evaluation.

Vienna, the world "city of music" has been throughout centuries the ideal place for bringing forth exceptional musicians, composers and performing artists. For this reason the world council of ICVT decided unanimously, that EVTA-Austria should organize the 10th ICVT in Austria’s capital.

For the ICVT team

Prof. Helga Meyer-Wagner
President of EVTA-Austria

Prof. Dr. Martin Vácha
Chairman of the 10th ICVT